In Collaboration with Mama’s Alliance, Hisense Continues to Support Local Child Education in South Africa

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Aug. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On August 2, world-renowned electronics manufacturer Hisense donated mobile devices to Elkana Childcare, in collaboration with Mama’s Alliance, a South African non-profit childcare organisation network, and online education platform PalFish which provided over 100 PalFish Software/Application codes.   

 Elkana Childcare is an organisation dedicated to transforming the lives of children who are living in more rural circumstances, which have a detrimental impact on their positive development and future. The donation intends to improve children’s education in the region, specifically their reading, writing, and listening skills.

Children can load the PalFish Software/Application onto their Hisense gadget or utilize the app on other devices. PalFish is a learning platform and online picture book library for all kids from 2 to 12, helping them reimagine their learning through its digital solutions and customized learning products. The software from PalFish and devices donated by Hisense are tools used by the educators at Elkana to enhance their teaching capabilities and interaction with the children. Hisense prides itself in helping the community where it can, and this is only the start of the Hisense and Elkana Childcare relationship.

Hisense has also been actively involved in various social welfare activities in South Africa, contributing to the local community with the goal of long-term support. They sent support to lonely elderly people in local pension institutions, donated televisions and daily necessities to the non-profit childcare centre in Johannesburg and contributed to the South African Red Cross Children’s Hospital as well as other projects to actively help solve education and employment problems in the African region.

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