The Joint Security Agencies are aware of new plans by selected individuals and political groups, that are promoting another round II “KUNGA” stay-at-home protests, on the 15th and 16th of August, 2022, allegedly against high prices of commodities in the country. The plans are similar to the KUNGA protests of 25th – 27th July, which were ignored by peace loving Ugandans, apart from a few youth and boda boda riders, who held riots and political demonstrations in Namulesa, Mafubira, Wairaka and Nakabango in Jinja district. As a result, 162 suspects were arrested for obstruction of the road, destruction of the road, looting of shops, incitement to violence, and holding unlawful assemblies among others; out of whom 105 were taken to court and remanded.

Even this time, the strategy they are using will back fire because it is baseless and has no solutions, given to Ugandans to compel them to stay-at-home. They are simply using the global crisis and inflation, to invoke fears in the public and motivate them to support their politics.

We wish to remind Ugandans and visitors to continue living in peace and dignity. Whoever feels intimidated should contact the nearest police for assistance, because no one has the right to restrict their movement to work, take children to school, or go about their daily activities.

As usual, we are well prepared to respond proportionately against all perpetrators of violent crime and lawlessness. We also urge the public to stop sharing such baseless messages by politicians and enemies of our country, who are bent on disrupting the prevailing peace, safety and security in the country. We do reiterate that we are not targeting free speech rights but remain focused on a sophisticated campaign of instigating violence and civil uprisings in our country, which we shall not tolerate.

Source: Uganda Police Force


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