IGG attacks Alupo in fight over UNEB job


Kampala: The Inspector General of Government, Ms Irene Mulyagonja, has written to Education minster Jessica Alupo accusing her for dragging the President into the saga over the appointment of the new executive secretary of the Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb).

Ms Alupo had January 16 written to Ms Mulyagonja informing her that the matter of appointing the new Uneb chief had been forwarded to the President for final consultation and that “the investigations were therefore, uncalled for”.

However, Justice Mulyagonja wrote back on January 30, informing Ms Alupo that the power to appoint the executive secretary lies with the minister who does it in consultation with the board and any shortcomings should be blamed on the minister, and not the President.

“I must say that I am humbled by your response but I was already aware of steps you had taken to forward the document on the recruitment process to H. E the President for his guidance. Therefore, I took steps to inform his office about the allegations and the investigations into them in writing,” Justice Mulyagonja wrote.

Ms Mulyagonja said it was not necessary to drag the President into the matter as Section 12 of the Uganda National Examination Board Act provides that the secretary shall be appointed by the board with approval of the minister, on such terms and conditions as it may think fit.

The IGG is probing allegations that Uneb chairperson Fagil Mandy constituted himself into a committee that handpicked Mr John Bosco Ntangaare to the position of executive secretary, contrary to the above provisions.

“Our understanding of the provision above is that the power to appoint is in the board; the minister must either approve or disapprove the name of the candidate proposed and he/she is the person recognised by the law as the ultimate authority.” the IGG wrote.

“The process of appointment must bear evidence that the minister approved the person proposed for appointment by the board. It is therefore, diversionary to say that the President makes the final decision,” the IGG said.

Asked yesterday on what steps she has taken to implement the directives by the IGG, Ms Alupo said she has not seen the letter by the IGG since she has just returned from abroad. “I am just returning to office, maybe it is my tray,” shs said.

The letter was copied to the President and Mr Mandy among others.

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