‘I wash my own car’

Briefly introduce yourselfMy name is Mariam Shebe. I manage family business, the Duke Water Company. Aside from this, I also work at an engineering firm.

What kind of car do you drive and where did you buy it from?It is a Mercedes Benz, ML 350 4Matic CDI. I bought it a year back here in Kampala from a very good friend of mine.

Were you particular about the colour of the car when you were buying it?Yes I was. I had a colourful car earlier and was looking for a total change for my future car, then decided to get the new car in black (metallic) as its super classy and rich.

What is the year of manufacture of your car?2010.What do you like about this car?Mainly the comfort. It is also very fast and stable on the road. It is spacious and high enough for our pot holes.

What is the mileage of your car?55,800km.

How would you compare it with any other cars that you like?It has a big engine, very comfortable if compared to my other car, a Range Rover Evoque 2012 model (It is really cute though).

How often do you service it? I service my car from Spear Motors when the service sign appears on the dashboard. Spear Motors are very reliable and professional.

How long did it take for you learn how to drive? About two weeks.

What is the furthest you have driven? With this ML, it has been only within Kampala.

How much do you spend on fuel in a week? I refuel it on a monthly basis. A full tank is about Shs350,000– Shs400,000 depending on the fuel price.

How often do you change your tyres? I have never changed tyres so far.

Do you wash your own car? I wash the exterior occasionally, and I take it for a major wash every weekend at a washing bay.

What is the most expensive thing to maintain on your car? Fuel may be.

Has your car been vandalised before?No.

What has been your worst experience with the car?No bad experience yet.

————————————-THIS AND THAT

Money you spend on servicing…It is between Shs700,000 to Shs1m.

First car… My first car was a RAV4 and the second was Land Rover Freelander. I needed a change and an upgrade. This is my third car.

About Ugandan drivers…We are crazy drivers both day and night. We break many rules and somehow, everyone is in a rush hence we create a lot of unnecessarily traffic jams and cause many accidents. At night, most drivers like using full lights unnecessarily which disturbs other drivers. We also have a lot of drunken drivers who drive carelessly.

Comprehensively insured or third party is just enough for you… It is comprehensively insured.

Men and your expensive BenzThey envy me and the chauvinists think women cannot afford expensive cars, they just think women who have nice cars must have had them bought by a man.

And fellow women…Some are proud of my success and others are jealous, but that is life.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor