I have no dream car

What is the type of your car?
It is a Mercedes Benz AMG MLS 2005 model that uses petrol.

How long have you driven it?
I have had it for three months now.

How much did you buy it?
I imported it at Shs40m but when one chooses to buy it from a local bond, it costs approximately Shs45m.

Is it your first car?
No, it is not. I first owned a Mazda, then a Range Rover 4.6, then a Brevis, then a Land Rover Discovery, then a BMW X5 and now a Mercedes Benz AMG MLS.

Does that mean you don’t fancy Japan made cars?
They don’t fit the class I want.
I would like to presume that Germany-made cars are better because when you get a new one, they rarely have mechanical problems.

What do you like about it?
It’s very comfortable, fast and elegant.

How do you maintain it?
I service it from Shell Malindi depending on the mileage at

What is the fastest speed you have driven with it?
Every time I’m driving it on Masaka Mbarara highway, I drive up to 160kmhr.

Don’t you think driving at 160kmhr is being too fast?
It is but this is a Mercedes Benz. Its speed limit is 220kmhr. It has a good ground clearance which enables me to have a better view of the road.

How much do you spend on fuel a week?
On a daily basis, I spend approximately Shs100,000 and in a week, I spend approximately Shs500,000.

Are you affected by the bad states of Ugandan roads?
Yes, I am, and I feel the pinch because its spareparts are expensive. I sometimes get them from the UK.

Which are the spare parts that you have to buy most?
It’s mostly the shock absorbers, stabiliser bar and the zed ring.
For other parts, they are not much affected. It also has a unique radio and sensors all over that when any of them is faulty, it affects the radio.

What is the engine capacity?
It is 3,500cc.

Why have you kept on changing cars over time?
The Mazda was a low car and I opted for something much higher and comfortable.
When I bought the Range Rover 4.6, it’s because I loved progressing because I had the money to.
When I later changed to the Land Rover Discovery that I still have, it was purposely for chauffeuring my daughter to school and other calamities like burials and also for bad terrain roads.
For the BMW X5, I bought it because I didn’t have a left hand drive among my cars.

How would you compare the Mercedes Benz to the previous cars you have driven?
It’s fast when picking up speed and its maintenance is quite different from the other cars I have owned.

How long do you drive a car?
I drive a car for six months.

What kind of music do you listen to while driving?
I mostly listen to country music.

What is your dream car?
I have no dream car. As long as a car is nice and I like it, I raise money and buy it.


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