I have ever dosed off while driving’


Briefly introduce yourself. My name is Wilberforce Mpiima but most people know me as DJ Wilbur. I am 34 years old. I have been on radio since 2000. I started out on Impact Radio before joining Dembe FM. I am now at Super FM. I also work with Spice Vas Uganda Ltd as content manager for telecommunication.

What car are you currently driving?

I drive a 2002 Toyota Ipsum 240S.

How much did you buy it?

Shs21m with taxes inclusive. If I were to buy it in a car bond I would have spent Shs25m.

Did you get a loan or save money to buy it?

No, I sold the one I had and topped up.

For how long did you save?

I saved for about six months.

How is its fuel consumption?

It is good. A journey from Kampala to Masaka will cost me Shs100,000.

How much do you spend on fuel per day or week?

I normally put Shs20,000 for a day but that depends on the day’s errands.

What did you like about this car?

Its design and class. It has unique bumpers and treated spoilers which make it more beautiful and different from the usual 240 models.

How many cars have you driven?

I started with a Toyota Mark II (made in 1992), then bought a Toyota Corolla saloon. I missed the Mark II so I bought a Mark II (made in 1998). I then bought an Ipsum (made in 1998). I recently upgraded to my current ride.

How much did you buy your first Mark II?

At Shs4m. I bought it from the late Paddy Bitama.

How do you compare your latest car with the one you just sold?

This is better than all other cars I have ever had. The interior is so cool.

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