I Can’t Stand All These ‘Big Babies’!

A wise woman once told me that all men are babies and if I am to get along with them peacefully, I ought to treat them as such.

At the time, we were discussing her husband’s inability to walk into the kitchen and help himself to food that was already cooked and laid out on the countertop. Instead, he starved all day, and sulked for two more, because the madam forgot to instruct the children to serve him. Unbelievable!

Then, recently, I was at lunch with a friend and her family the children and husband were swimming and we were watching from a dry distance. Come lunch time, she called out to ask what he wanted to eat. He said: “Anything.”

So, she studied the menu, found what the children like to eat and agonised over what hubby dearest might like. The children loved their food and even asked for seconds. Hubby, on the other hand, didn’t like his he asked for something else that took too long to come and he whined and whined. Question: If he wanted fries all along, why did he not say so when she asked what he wanted to eat?!

The romantics could say his sweetheart should have somehow telepathically guessed that though he usually prefers rice, today he would really like fries instead. I say that is a waste of romance unless you make it a point to enjoy whatever is before you. Instead, I could see my friend sink a little lower into her seat with every complaint he made and that was the end of our fun outing. The children were great the ‘Baby’ was not!

Another ‘Baby’ happened to me when I sat next to an adult male, who from his forlorn look, was clearly suffering from a bad cold. He couldn’t even be bothered to respond to my ‘hello.’ So, I ignored him and relaxed into the six-hour journey.

Then I heard the sniffles. I couldn’t help glaring his way. In turn, he sniffled and gave me a look that said ‘I cannot help it.’ Get a tissue for crying out loud! Use your shirt tails or vest… anything, but draw back what is desperately trying to come out of your nose!

When you are three years old, it is almost cute to make a mess of trying to wipe your nose. When you have seen the other side of five, sniffling is improper and when you hit puberty, it is simply disgusting.

I refuse to subscribe to the ‘all men are babies’ mantra when it comes to basic manners. If you can tie your shoelaces, you should be able to serve and cook too, clean after yourself, know when to whine, and by all means, carry around some pocket tissue!

We will clean, cook, wash, organise your life and all, but that is no excuse to act like four-year-olds. Contrary to the word on the street, we prefer grown men.

Source : The Observer

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