How to overcome driving test phobia

Like any other interview, a driving test can be quite an experience. A number of people or ‘students’ even when confident and have grasped the fundamentals will be a little anxious. Here are tips from automobile experts on how to overcome anxiety.

1. Go to the right driving school

There are many driving schools, some of which are illegally operating and may not offer the best training. Identify the best and a registered on to take your driving lessons. Your confidence will be built overtime and a test will be a run through, aises Martin Mwagale, proprietor Devine Driving School.

2. Practise

Have as much practice as you can and only apply for your test when you feel confident that you can make it. A test takes more than sitting behind the steering wheel.

It does not make sense going for a test when you have not practised enough only to fail and asked to practice for two or more weeks before you return.

3. Knowledge is power

Most people are usually scared of the theory test, this is because there are no skills to be put to test. Training alone is not enough. It is important to ask friends or family to test you so you are familiar with the questions. Mwagale says, “Just like you revise for an exam, buy a chart with all the traffic signs and keep reciting them in your mind so they stick.”

4. Mock test

A practice run will help you get your theory into practice. This should be done in the presence of your instructor so that he corrects a few flaws. “While having a practice run, assume you are doing your test and do it well. It will increase your confidence for the real test,” says Isaac Engeu, an instructor at Prestige Driving School.

5. Be first in the line

“You will be more confident if you are the first to take your test and will do it justice. The aantage is you will have an opportunity to impress the instructors since they This is because you will be fresh and will not have to see a number of people before you fail which may cause you to panic. Being punctual prepares your mind for the task ahead and a fresh mind is all you will need to nail it,” says Allan Atuhaire, Inspector of Vehicles at the Driving Testing Centre in Naguru.

6. Stay calm

You are in the driver’s seat with your hands on the steering wheel. All you need to do is keep calm and drive. “There is a tendency of learners to prove that they got everything right. A driving test does not have to prove they are good at driving. It is meant to ensure you know the basics- concentrate on these and have them on your fingertips. Ignore any mistake made while driving. Dwelling on it will make you make mistakes,” notes Ken Mbweda, an instructor.

“Use your mirrors properly. The test is meant to verify whether you got all the basics right or not. You will definitely be smiling with your driving permit in your hands after doing a good job,” says Isaac Engeu, an instructor atPrestige Driving School.

7. Intoxication

Do not take any alcohol or drugs. These will give you false confidence. You need to remain sober and alert before, during and after the test.

8. You do not have to be perfect

They are not out to get you. You are one of many they will be testing that day. Be courteus and show them that you are confident and know what to do.

9. Sleep

Be sure to get a good night’s rest the night before your test. You don’t want to arrive feeling groggy and scratchy-eyed. A lot of accidents are caused by fatigue so it is essential that you get enough sleep, Egeu says.



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