How to best wear your scents

1. Wear what you love

Knowing who you are and what you love are key to joy in any moment and experience, and finding the right fragrance is no exception. Ask yourself questions: Do you like things clean and fresh? Dark and spicy? Floral or sweet? Don’t wear something just because it was given as a gift or because it smelled great on your friend. It has to make you smile when you wear it.

2. Date before you commit by sampling first
Body chemistry is the final ingredient in any fragrance. What smelled fabulous on your BFF may not work for you or on you. We all have unique body chemistry, and what works on one may not be so fab on another. Sample first on your skin and give it at least 20 minutes to work with your body chemistry, and see if it makes you smile.

3. Hint hint
For the best longevity, apply your scent to the hair.

Hair is a great scent carrier. It holds fragrance longer than your skin (your body heat burns your fragrance off your skin as you wear it). It also creates an evanescent quality to the scent.

People will get near you and get a sniff of the scent but not be overwhelmed. Beware though that most fragrances are alcohol-based, and alcohol is drying to the hair.

If you want to have your hair fabulously scented like your favourite scent, either have a shampoo or conditioner in it, dab a hint of the pure oil version on your fingers and run them through your hair, or if you only have your spray, spritz your scent on your hand, clap to burn off the excess alcohol, and then run your fingers through your hair.”

4. Layer it
A great way to hold your scent all day long is to layer it. Body wash in the shower, body lotion or body oil to scent and moisturise, and then your pure oil at pulse points, and your eau de parfum for the finishing touch.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor