How do you live without them?

Last week ended on a rather sombre note for me. I lost a friend – someone I almost dated. When I heard the news of his passing, I felt a sudden shiver, followed by a rush of goose bumps. And after a few minutes of letting the news sink in, I tried, but could not waive the thoughts of how broken I would have been if we had dated or were together at the time of his passing. The passing of someone we care about is something we all may have experienced at some point in our lives. It is not easy and it may be a while before you get used to their absence.

The most painful loss, is perhaps the death of a spouse. Even if your partner was battling a terminal illness and their days are numbered, somehow there is that bit of hope you keep holding onto, believing that it is all a bad dream you will wake up from or that God will make one of those miracles, like in the movies, because there is no way you can live without your better half. The thought that the vow “till death does us apart” may come to pass scares you.

You stop to imagine what and how you will tell the children, how you will go to bed without being cuddled to sleep, how you will manage your home solo, and how you will silence the loud echo of the void that person left. What happens to all the future plans you made as a couple? And most of all, how do you get used to your reference switching from so and so’s wife or husband to so and so’s widow or widower?

In our main story, two widows and widowers shared the stories of their loss and how they have managed to move on after the loss. Albeit sad, I enjoyed reading their experiences, and I hope you do too. Cheers!

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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