House approves 43 new constituencies

Parliament yesterday approved 43 new counties amid protests as it rejected the committee recommendation for 65 new counties.
Although Local Government minister Adolf Mwesige had previously presented a motion to create only 39 new counties, he amended the motion yesterday, increasing the number to 43. The minister said Cabinet approved Tooki County to be carved from Omoro County in Gulu District, Terego East in Arua District, Busiki North in Namutumba District, and Madi- Okollo Lower County in Arua District.
Before the House voted on the government motion, the minister came under pressure from members who wanted to amend the motion to include their constituencies. However, Opposition MPs accused government of creating the counties for political reasons.
The Public Service and Local Government Committee had last week approved the creation of 65 new constituencies. The MPs wanted the EC to conduct elections for Members of Parliament in the 65 new counties in the 2016 elections.


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