Houet: Soungalo Appolinaire Ouattara “summons” his career in two books

The former President of the National Assembly, Soungalo Appolinaire Ouattara, dedicated on Tuesday May 9, 2023 to Bobo-Dioulasso, his first literary works entitled "Critical moments" and "Plea for the State ".

Soungalo Appolinaire Ouattara is now one of the Burkinabè writers. He has published two books, the first of which, "Critical Moments", in December 2022, and the second, "Plea for the State", in April 2023.

The two works were presented to the public on Tuesday May 9, 2023 in Bobo-Dioulasso.

According to the author, these two books are a look at the life of Burkinabe society and the state.

For him, these two books are a call for peace, harmony, work and civic engagement so that the country can move forward.

“Critical moments” was presented by the teacher-researcher in letters at the University Nazi Boni (UNB), Dr Mahamadou Hassan Cissé.

He indicated that the work is an autobiography that goes from his childhood to his political life through the administration.

For Mahamadou Hassan Cissé, on the form, it is a work written with an innovative style that contrasts with the classic autobiography, like a film script, with a man who talks about himself and sees other people. talk about him.

"The work teaches us how a man can build himself, be useful to his community, to his nation," he said.

The second work "Plea for the State", was presented by the historian Dr Missa Millogo.

According to him, it is a political essay which results from the experience of the statesman who was the author himself.

“He was in the mysteries of the administration from the post of prefect to that of Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic. He was also a politician, from simple deputy to President of the National Assembly,” Mr. Millogo reported.

The presenter indicated that the resulting observation, after an uncompromising diagnosis, is that the State, as it emerged from the colonial process, is a failed State.

"The author analyzes the role of political parties, rulers, civil society in the first part of the work," he said.

Mr. Millogo added that in the second part, the author denounces the brakes on the development of the State, even of the country.

By way of example, he took, among other things, the public order "which is in a way an Ali Baba's cave" and the State furniture park "which is not known by the State itself. ".

In the third part, he foresees necessary reforms that have been missed, which he called “repressed reforms”, simply because they will threaten special interests

Source: Burkina Information Agency