Helping our brothers become men

When asked why I am still single, I said “the older guys move too fast and treat you like a child while the younger guys have refused to grow up and take a step towards being the men they are supposed to be.”

My older cousin laughed and said he could relate. He attributed this turn of events to the lack of guidance for the younger men. In his opinion, the girls are taught how to cook, how to clean, generally how to be young women when the time comes while the boys are left to ride their toy cars, play video games, chit chat with their “gangos” over a couple of beers, watch soccer or rugby, etc.

Our forefathers’ main role as men was to take care of their families.

Despite the large households and polygamy, this was ingrained in every young man’s mind as he was growing up.

As young boys, the men-to-be worked closely with their fathers or father figures and it is through such activities that young boys were taught how to be men, how to fend for their families, how to treat the women (mothers, sisters, wives to be) in their lives and how to relate with elders.

Today there is a new meaning of being a man young boys think it’s all in the “swag” which will fade as soon as reality smacks them hard in the faces.

It’s time for us all to take on this mantle of nurturing our sons, our brothers and even our lovers into the men they ought to be. If we let our boys run around with “swag” and not teach them how to be responsible young men, then we are bound to have a generation with lots of single mothers and good for nothing sons and brothers. These sons and brothers will be future thugs, rapists, etc, because they are not used to doing things right, they are not used to fending for themselves and they are not used to being responsible for their actions.

Let’s take a positive stand and raise our children to be better citizens and help groom our siblings to be just as good not forgetting the boys are the future boyfriends, husbands and fathers while the girls are the future girlfriends, wives and mothers.

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