He is always negative- Eddie kenzo on why he beat Journalist

Singer Eddie Kenzo has said that his fight with Dembe FM presenter Isaac Katende alias Kasuku was not his intention- He was “pushed” by Kasuku.

The Sitya loss singer explained that while the rest of the journalists are ‘flexible”, Kasuku is always on the negative, something he carried to his (Eddie Kenzo) press conference yesterday.

“Everything was going as planned, Untill Kasuku stood up to ask questions and he was negative as usual” Kenzo said.

The singer also hinted that he and Kasuku have been having their differences for over four years now, alleging that it all started when Kasuku wanted to borrow shs 500,000.

“Kasuku wanted shs500,000 from me, i told him i do not have it, he then thought i had refused to give him money, so he started the “beef”, he abuses me all the time, i have the recordings of him abusing me on streets, with his friends, in clubs, everywhere, I do not know what i did to Kasuku” Eddie Kenzo lamented.

However, when we reached Kasuku, he rubbished the allegations of him asking for 500,000 from Kenzo. “He has been making that allegation since 2011,I have never asked him for any money” Kasuku said.

Kasuku who had earlier on said he will not press charges also hinted that he will now slap charges on Kenzo. “I am now at Jinja road Police concluding my file”. He said.

Public stunt?

several have written it off as a public stunt, but in whose favour is it? Kasuku says he is too big to do a public stunt on Kenzo, he is not that level. “Do not lose focus guys, I cant pull a stunt, am way bigger than that” Kasuku insists.

Is Kasuku Always Negative?

Kenzo says that: “When journalists were told to ask questions, Kasuku unlike other journalists spoke for more than 30 minutes and he was just saying nonsense, he didn’t ask any question but he instead criticized me”.

Kenzo told Daily Monitor that Kasuku has for the last three years been talking ill about him on his radio show.

“He has always said that I am gay, and saying that my music career was ending soon and that I will go back to Masaka where I came from,” said Kenzo.

What exactly did Kasuku do

Kasuku said he did nothing wrong apart from putting Kenzo in a hot seat which made him get angry.

”I have no grudge with Eddy Kenzo, artistes always want to say things contrary to what is true, they always want positive publicity even when they do things that are inappropriate,” Kasuku said. “If Kenzo has issues with me, I probably don’t know. I was just doing my job following the editorial policy of reporting exactly what I saw.”


VIDEO: Singer Eddie Kenzo, journalist get physical at press conference

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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