He frequented our workplace

When and how did you meet?

Gloria: In 2011, I did not know he had computer repair knowledge but my sister and I would call him whenever our computers got faulty. We were friends first but I was hesitant to be closer because of the many expectations from church as a minister.

Titus: She and her sister had a secretarial bureau opposite Makerere University Business School, Nakawa. I used to pass by the workstation and say hi. We then became friends. Three months, later, I asked for her contact but she told me never to call after 8pm. As we kept in touch, she adjusted the call time.

What attracted you to each other?

Titus: Gloria is loving and caring. She calls to check on me all the time. Unlike others, she was never money minded and we were friends. The best marriage partner you can ever get is a friend.

Gloria: The first impression was priceless. His height and looks were my ideal qualities in a marriage partner. He is God-fearing and responsible.

When did you become close?

Gloria: In 2013, when I realised he was not very prayerful, I decided to take a break so he could do self-reflection on who he was and what he wanted. I got prayer partners and we prayed for him until I saw him change. He then started complaining about why I had called off the relationship without a valid reason.

How did you come up with the guest list?

Titus: We first considered our families and the people who supported us financially and spiritually plus those who gave us aice on how to make a successful wedding.

Were you disappointed in any way during the function?

Gloria: No, everything was perfect. God was in control. Despite the drizzle in the morning, the weather cleared.

Did you involve a planner?

Titus: No, we took aice from the friends who were part of the organising committee.

Where did it take place?

Titus: We wedded at the Church of Resurrection Bugolobi. The ceremony was presided over by Rev. Janet Kayondo.

What was the happiest moment?

Titus: When she said “I do”, it felt like a dream come true.

Gloria: When we got to the reception and everyone was eager to see us. We had the first dance as soon as we arrived.

How did you cut the costs?

Titus: We got most of what we used inside the venue at UMA Conference hall, for example, soda, mineral water, chairs and tables and generator. We did not incur transport costs and we chose a reception near the church to cut the transport costs.

We also arrived early at church so that we could get the Shs150,000, that is refunded when you arrive on time.

What was going through your mind at the eve of the wedding?

Gloria: I kept on thinking that I was going to become a married woman but above all that I had to be the most perfect bride.

Titus: There were a few things I had not yet settled and all I thought of was to ensure I do not disappoint Gloria.

How do you manage your finances?

Titus: I have a personal business and when I thought hard, I could not have a more perfect business partner than her. So I pay her at the end of the month.

What was special about your wedding?

Gloria: We had perfect decoration for the reception. It took us by surprise because we had no idea how it would look like but our decorator made our day look so special.

What did you learn from the premarital counselling?

Gloria: I learnt that marriage was not only about having babies because even without children, a marriage can go on. It is about the two of you and the children come as a fruit after sowing the seed. Also, that other family members must have boundaries in our relationship.

Titus: I got to understand the responsibilities of a man and what it takes to be a man. We must help each other and help them rise whenever they fall because we are one.

What is your aice to those planning to wed?

Titus: I aise them to trust God because marriage is a blessing from God as the scripture says in Proverbs 18:22 “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favour from the lord”.

Gloria: Ensure that you decide on what you want your wedding to be like instead of leaving all the sensitive decisions to be made by the organising committee.

Tit bits

Date: October 24, 2015

Groom: Titus Ndiwalana

Bride: Shifa Gloria Mirembe

Church: Church of resurrection Bugolobi

Reception: UMA conference Hall

Number of guests: 400

Budget: Shs 25m



Titus and his entourage bought their suits from different shops on Kampala Road (they do not recall the name) and the bride’s gown was bought in Bukoto.


The 14-tier white cake decorated with red and a gold ribbon to match the colour theme worked wonders. A friend of the couple baked it at Shs1.5m.

Colour theme

Red, white and gold were neutral and easy to blend with the reception decor.


The chairs were covered with sequined clothes and roses plus canopy lights .The decor cost Shs 4.5m befitted the occasion.

Song requests

This will get your guests on the dance floor. Play songs that will put people in a fete mood and especially the trending wedding music. However, it should cater for all age groups. Request your DJ to make an announcement so that people can send in their song requests and watch the dance floor fill when a crowd-favourite comes on.

Get upclose

The wedding day comes with a lot of stress and worries but as a couple, make time and create an effort to at least greet or interact with most guests. Thank them for coming and being able to grace your event. This way they will feel appreciated and take away your wedding stress.

Sitting arrangement

To avoid unnecessary confusion, how about sending out invitation cards that include the table number for each guest or any other sitting details. It may sound too strict and uptight but it is a perfect pick for an organised occasion. Every guest will be ushered to their seat on identifying their seating details.



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