G&W Electric Announces All New Teros™ Recloser for High Speed Fault Isolation

The all-new smart solution improves grid reliability, resiliency, mitigates outage risks and easily integrates into existing electrical grids

BOLINGBROOK, Ill., Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — G&W Electric, a global supplier of electric power equipment since 1905, today announced the launch of its Teros™ Recloser which is available for markets outside the U.S. and Canada. Capable of working with a variety of configurations in any application, the new Teros recloser is designed to improve system reliability and grid resiliency. This new recloser provides overcurrent protection for temporary faults on overhead distribution lines and reduces long-term system outages.

“Grid reliability affects everyone—all around the globe—from the average household to entire factories and telecom systems. The results are not just inconvenient, but economic,” said John Mueller, chairman and owner of G&W Electric. “To better mitigate disruption and to manage reliable electrical service, improvements made in recloser technology are imperative to ensuring a reduction in widespread power outages. Today, reclosers are the critical must-have in a utility’s grid reliability.”

The new Teros recloser offers a wide range of benefits and fits most configurations, despite a wide variance of requirements from country to country. Requiring no oil or SF6, the Teros Recloser eliminates the need for routine maintenance and improves personnel safety. Solid dielectric and electronically controlled, Teros has been field-tested for reliable load switching and overcurrent protection. Whether looking to improve or expand grid systems and capabilities, the Teros offers utilities site-ready designs for new and existing electrical systems.

“With growing populations and a greater demand for reliable power, paired with new construction, a reliance on technology and the effects of climate change, utilities are working hard to save customers the expenses and inconveniences of frequent outages,” added Mueller. “Reclosers have become the global market solution to the expansion and modernization of distribution networks for enhanced reliable power.”

The Teros system is designed to reduce the amount, frequency, and duration of outages on overhead systems, including main distribution lines, distribution branch circuits and substations. Lightweight and compact, the Teros site-ready designs provide all the necessary brackets, arresters and voltage transformers providing ease of installation. In addition, this new recloser is power grid automation ready, simplifying the need for future automation requirements.

To learn more about the grid resiliency challenges faced around the globe, download G&W Electric’s latest white paper titled, “Reclosers: Safeguarding Electrical Grid Reliability, reducing system outages and increasing reliability by providing quality overcurrent protection on overhead lines.”

To learn more about Teros System Recloser visit www.gwelectric.com/teros.

About G&W Electric

Since 1905, G&W Electric has helped power the world with innovative power grid solutions and products. With the introduction of the first disconnectable cable terminating device in the early 1900s, G&W Electric began to build a reputation for innovative engineered solutions to meet the needs of systems designers. With an ever-present commitment to customer satisfaction, G&W Electric enjoys a worldwide reputation for quality products and superior service. For more information on G&W Electric visit their new website at www.gwelectric.com. Follow G&W Electric on Twitter @GW_Electric and on LinkedIn.

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