Great Britain: One more child for Boris Johnson, at least the eighth

Known for his repeated marriages and affairs, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to become a father again: the future baby announced by his wife Carrie on Friday will be the couple's third child, but at the minus one-eighth for the ex-director.

"A new member will be joining the team in just a few weeks (…) We can't wait to meet this little one," Carrie Johnson, 35, posted on the social network Instagram, under a photo showing the hand of of her other children resting on her rounded belly.

This will be the third child of the couple, married since 2021, after the births of Wilfred in April 2020, and Romy in December 2021, when Boris Johnson was still Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson, 58, is also the father of four other children (two boys and two girls) with his second wife, lawyer Marina Wheeler. The ex-Prime Minister was also recognized as the father of another daughter, from an extra-marital relationship.

In September 2021, shortly before the birth of Romy, he confirmed on the American television channel NBC that he had six children at that time, without closing speculation on the real size of his offspring.

He left Downing Street in the summer of 2022, forced to resign after a series of scandals. Still an MP, he has since made millions of euros giving speeches and, according to British media, is in the process of buying a nine-bedroom mansion in the countryside near Oxford.

Source: Burkina Information Agency