‘Government wary of ICT dangers’

Kampala- Despite the abundant opportunities the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector presents, it poses serious challenges, especially in the way people relate to each other, Trade minister Amelia Kyambadde has said.

Although she did not suggest the way forward, she said something must be done to stop the havoc ICT is inflicting on the way people relate to each other.

Speaking at the Digital Impact Awards Africa held last week in Kampala, Ms Kyambadde said: “Loneliness is one of the problems we are dealing with, thanks to ICT.”

She added: “I know of a situation where a husband and wife under the same roof communicate using SMS, people no longer converse.”

However, she applauded sectors such as banking, telecommunications and education that have not only pioneered use of technology but also made great strides in terms of appeal and innovation.

The Digital Impact Awards Africa recognised 20 organisations for their use and provision of digital infrastructure-web, mobile, social media and digital financial services.

How the organisations were awarded

Best paymentstransfers service. PayWay
Best Onlinemobile banking service. Standard Chartered Bank Uganda
Best mobile money service. MTN Mobile Money
Best government agency on social media: National Water and Sewerage Corporation
5. Best corporate brand on social media: MTN Uganda
6. Most promising social media presence: Crown Beverages Limited (Pepsi, Mirinda, Mountain Dew)
7. Best e-commerce (classifieds marketplace): Cheki
8. Best e-commerce (storeservice): Hellofood
9. Best e-service: Umeme
10. Best mobile app: Kaymu
11. Mobile app for Africa: Vodacom My App (South Africa)
12. Best digital marketing campaign: Airtel Trace Music Star
13. Best digital customer service: National Water and Sewerage Corporation
14. Commended new website: PostBank Uganda
15. Best Corporate Website: Standard Chartered Bank Uganda
16. Best cybersecurity practice: Standard Chartered Bank Uganda
17. Best digital inclusion impact: Airtel Uganda
18. Commended financial inclusion impact: Pride Microfinance Limited
19. Best financial inclusion impact: Centenary Bank Uganda
20. Digital Brand of the Year: MTN Uganda



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