Government to set up election conflict resolution body (Daily Monitor (Uganda))

Kampala. Plans are underway to set up a Conflict Resolution Authority with the mandate of settling post 2016 election disputes.
The authority, compiled jointly by government and the Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC), is contained in the Uganda National Conflict Prevention and Peace-building Policy draft expected to be officially endorsed by government before the end of the year.
“The policy aims at promoting a culture of peace among all Ugandans in successive generations,” UJCC executive secretary Sylvester Arinaitwe said, while addressing various stakeholders at a consultative meeting in Nsambya, Kampala, yesterday.
“The policy will be used to identify, prevent, manage and transform conflict and comprehensively for sustainable and equitable development and harmonious co-existence,” Fr Arinaitwe added.
“This honourable job will be executed by an authority either a council or commission depending what will be agreed upon.”
He said the document compiled jointly by government and the UJCC will act as a tool of reference for conflict resolution.
“We want to offer Ugandans a peace gift on the International Peace Day scheduled for September 21 by launching the policy,” Fr Arinaitwe.
“However, it will have to be endorsed by Cabinet before being tabled to Parliament as a Bill for consideration into law.” The draft is being advocated for by UJCC and the Office of the Prime Minister.

UN endorses move
Ms Mary Adhiambo Mbeo, a programme specialist on Gender issues in the UN, backed the establishment of the authority, saying unresolved election conflict results into war, something that Uganda should avoid.
“I had first-hand experience during the Dafur war and I would not like such an incident to happen here in Uganda,” she said.