Government blamed for poor fishing methods

Lwengo- Former minister of State for Fisheries Fred Mukisa has blamed the rampant illegal fishing methods on failure by government to implement punitive laws.

Mr Mukisa who is currently practicing fish cage farming in his home district, Jinja, said Parliament enacted the necessary laws to stamp out poor fishing methods.

He said where attempts are made to enforce the law, it is done in such a manner that it benefits the officials and not the government to wipe out bad fishing methods.

“Parliament discussed the necessary laws, but officials in the concerned ministry failed to implement them because they just want to benefit from this sector without taking much care,” Mr Mukisa told the media in an interview last week.

The consequence, he said, has been a perpetuation of poor fishing methods, and the subsequent depletion of fish stocks and a fall in the country’s earnings from fish exports.

The former minister called for reforms in the fisheries sector, saying the sector should be removed from the control of civil servants and be placed in the private sector.

He also called for the formation of a fisheries authority similar to the Uganda National Roads Authority or the National Forestry Authority if the sector is to become more productive.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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