Gourma: Sidiki Ouédraogo at the helm of the regional directorate in charge of Agriculture

The Regional Director of Agriculture, Animal and Fisheries Resources in the East, Sidiki Ouédraogo was officially installed on Friday, May 5, 2023 in his functions.

The Secretary General (SG) of the East region, Siaka Ouattara has officially installed Sidiki Ouédraogo in his new role as Regional Director of Agriculture, Animal Resources and Fisheries in the East.

The incoming director replaces the outgoing director, Hamidou Zoungrana, who spent five years and nine months at the head of the provincial directorate.

The staff spokesperson, Moussa Ouédraogo, praised the quality of the outgoing regional director and made his multiple achievements.

He noted the vaccination of two million cattle, twelve million poultry, the realization of many infrastructures such as the construction of 239 vaccination parks and 7 cattle markets.

Moussa Ouédraogo also wished good luck to the incoming director while reminding him that there are many challenges to be met.

"I can reassure you that the staff is ready to meet these multiple challenges with you," he said.

The outgoing director Hamidou Zoungrana took the opportunity to thank all his former collaborators, before asking them to support his successor so that he succeeds in his new role.

The new regional director in charge of Agriculture in the East, Sidiki Ouédraogo congratulated the highest authorities of the country for the confidence placed in his modest person to lead this direction.

Sidiki Ouédraogo invited his close collaborators, project/programme managers, NGOs and associations, heads of farmers' organizations and all producers to show resilience, anticipation and creativity in order to achieve their set objectives.

“We will make patriotism, integrity, dignity, civic-mindedness, solidarity, truth and good governance, cardinal values on which our actions are based,” he added.

Agricultural adviser with 15 years of service in the same locality, Sidiki Ouédraogo now heads the regional directorate of agriculture, animal and fishery resources in the East is an agricultural adviser.

Source: Burkina Information Agency