God! She took my girl’s shoes

If you come to think about it, there is something not right about that girl next door. I am not saying she is a thief or anything, but every time she is at my house, she leaves with something.

Now, my house has a finite number of things, so with time, at this rate, everything I own will soon be at her house. Why do I let her take my things? Really? You ask me such a question, as if you don’t know how crafty girls can be! She does not outright ask for the things, but somehow, she ends up leaving with them, with my full consent – sadly. I can never claim she stole anything, plus, she takes the unimportant things old Ds, a phone I no longer use, etc. She promises to bring these things back, but nothing ever makes the trip back, yet she is at my house almost every day.

Talking of being at my house, I am not very comfortable with that because I happen to be currently seeing, okay, dating a girl who is extremely territorial. She does not like other girls messing with her stuff, literally. She made it very clear from the start that she will not share me. And, I figured out with time, that it was not only me she does not like sharing even physical things – combs and shoes. She doesn’t even like the cleaning lady touching her things. So you can imagine my horror when I realised Miss Lend-Me-This-Too had in fact taken off with my girl’s shoes.

Of course, under normal circumstances I would not have even let her touch them. But, I have grown used to her saying “can I borrow this?” to a point that if it is not too big to grab my attention, I just say yes without checking what it is.
At least so far she has stayed away from my wallet, my laptop, and my phone. Well, tomorrow, my girl is coming over, and I noticed that her extremely bright red hot shoes were no longer there.

First instinct: they had been stolen. But, that was not possible, because even the cleaning lady knew better not to steal that girl’s shoes. Then it dawned on me. From past behaviour, I highly doubt girl next door is planning to return them. At least not as soon as I want, no, need them back. But I need the shoes back, because I know that as soon as my girl walks through the door, she will notice that the bright red things, bright as the traffic lights, are not where they are supposed to be. And then, I will have to explain where they went, and what Miss I-Have-Borrowed-Your-Toothbrush was doing in my house, messing with her stuff.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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