Gnagna: Women forced to return to pestles and mortars

The formal ban on no longer serving fuel in cans has stopped several mills in Gnagna, forcing women to return more and more to millstone and mortar to grind their grains, the AIB has learned.

For nearly a week, the women of several villages in the province of Gnagna (East) have been unable to benefit from the services of the millers.

To transform cereal grains into flour, they must use millstones, pestles and mortars.

And due, the mills of the place do not work any more for lack of diesel.

This situation is the result of new measures taken by the authority for better control of hydrocarbons in the province of Gnagna.

Among these measures, we note the formal ban on serving fuel in cans.

Anything that makes it impossible to supply fuel for the operation of the mills. The machines being firmly fixed, the millers can only refuel with cans.

After having therefore exhausted their stocks, the millers are now out of business.

This has forced several women from these different localities to use pestles and mortars to grind cereals, in order to ensure the family meal.

From local sources, the situation is more than worrying in several localities of the province.

"The competent authority has been seized and measures are being taken for appropriate solutions", reassures Dayéri Guitanga, elected consular of the chamber of commerce.

As a reminder, faced with the allegations that weigh on the populations of the province of Gnagna, accusing them of facilitating the acquisition of fuel for terrorists, new measures to control the distribution of hydrocarbons have come into force.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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