Gnagna/Education: The Balanga school wins the prize for the best school

The public primary school "Balanga" won on Saturday March 18, 2023, the prize for the best School (EQAmE) of the Basic Education District of Bogandé.

“The prize for the best EQAmE School (Child-Friendly Quality School) is awarded to the school that observes the best hygiene and cleanliness conditions within it. Where the educational community shares information and communicates at best for quality education,” explained the head of the Basic Education District (CEB) of Bogandé, Flavien Yougbaré.

Among the 12 partner schools in the CEB of Bogandé, the Balanga public primary school was ranked first in the competition for the best EQAmE school.

For this coronation, she received the first prize consisting of 4 boxes of soap, notebooks, school bags and ballpoint pens.

A victory that the teacher Djabiemo Lankoandé of the Balanga school puts to the credit of the entire educational community.

“We have set up a typical organization. Every morning all the students, under the guidance of the Denkan Club managers, ensure the cleanliness of the premises and that of the hands. Parents of students also played their part,” he said.

Through the student Nadieba Chérifatou, the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude to the NGO Plan Burkina for its many actions in their favour. In front of the public, the students demonstrated their mastery of topics related to hygiene and cleanliness through questions and answers.

The Provincial Director of Primary and Non-Formal Preschool Education of Gnagna, Salam Ouédraogo, expressed the gratitude of all education stakeholders to the NGO Plan Burkina. Then, he pleaded for an increase in the number of partner schools.

The Bantia school, that of Ourgou and the Evangelical private school ranked respectively 2nd, 3rd and 4th also left with prizes in kind.

The activity is part of the implementation of the project to improve access for children and especially girls and their communities to drinking water, hygiene and adequate sanitation (PAEPHA).

The PAEPHA project manager, Clémence Tankoano, praised the professionalism with which the various activities were carried out in the field. She urged the actors to continue the activities in the different schools in order to guarantee quality education to the students.

To do this, the support of the town hall was requested for the sustainability of the achievements in all schools.

For the representative of the President of the special communal delegation of Bogandé, Oumarou Tindano, any activity aimed at the well-being of the pupils will always be a priority for the communal authority.

Source: Burkina Information Agency