Girl next door gets too comfortable at my place

Some people spell trouble from first impressions. Like my new neighbours – the girl in particular. The parents are alright, I do not have any issues with them, in fact, I have never seen them, besides when they drive in and out of their gate.

The girl is something else. Two days after they had moved in, before I was even aware someone had moved into the vacant house next door, she was borrowing Ds from me. Well, there is nothing wrong with borrowing Ds from a neighbour, a friendly social neighbour like me, more so if the borrower is a cute girl. But, the way in which the Ds were borrowed left a lot of questions. First, I did not know the girl who was standing in my doorway asking if she could borrow my Ds, and why on earth did she even think I had Ds? Luckily for her, I had some old Ds, and I quickly told her that most of my movies were not on D.

She was alright with taking the Ds, even if they were really old. Just before I handed them over, I asked who she was, so I could get an idea where to go looking for my Ds in case she did not bring them back. No, she did not look like a thief, but, you know how girls are at returning things that do not belong to them. Pulling at the Ds, she told me she lived next door, in a way that showed that she was offended I did not recognise her ‘celebrity’ face. I did not even know any one was living next door, but I welcomed her to the neighbourhood anyway. Then, as she walked away, I remembered I had not got her name.
When I asked, she did not answer she simply turned, gave me a smile, and walked off.

The next day, she was back at my door early in the morning. This time she wanted to borrow my movies, on the laptop. Pondering over it, I asked her for her memory stick, but, unsurprisingly, she did not have one. She was hoping I had an External Hard Drive she could borrow, or if not, I could lend her laptop. Now, there is a very personal relationship between me and my laptop.

Not even my girlfriend can borrow it. It is MINE! This girl comes out of the blue, I do not even know her name, and she expects me to hand over my laptop … just like that? Laughing derisively, I told her that was not going to happen, not in this lifetime. Looking hurt, she asked me if I did not trust her. Of course I did not, I did not know her, but that was not the case I simply do not lend out my laptop fwaa. Besides, she had not returned my Ds, yet she claimed they were “too old and boring”.

I had to go to work, so I told her to excuse me, walked back inside my house, and closed the door. When I got out of the shower, my eyes went straight to the couch, where she had seated herself, watching movies on my laptop. At least she had not stolen, sorry, ‘borrowed’ it!

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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