Get a man indirectly interested

By: Peter Mwayi

1.Like what he likes. Men know exactly what they want in a woman so right from the word go, he is interested. However, he needs a ‘push’ so he can know that he is not hitting a dead end. Show interest in things he does, without necessarily poking your nose in his stuff. We are like babies, we need a lot of attention, so, give it.

2. Be around. Let him notice you, but not for long because the interest burns out. Our attention span, it is said, is not that good, so ‘flash it’ in his face and then take off. This way he will want to see more of you and will keep craning his neck to catch a glimpse. Sometimes he will even look for you and then, he will want it all.

3. Surprise him. Napoleon once said something like: “Men are ruled by toys”. We guys like little things. I imagine at this point you are friends, so buy him something you know he likes, out of the blue – nothing big, just to show him that in case things kick off, you are willing to give not just receive.

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