Fuel shortage hits Gulu District

By: Julius Ocungi

Gulu: Fuel shortage has hit Gulu Town leaving motorists and bodaboda riders stranded.

This has forced a number of consumers to resort to fuel smugglers commonly known as Opec Boys whose fuel is more expensive compared to that sold at stations.

A litre of petrol purchased from Opec Boys is sold at about Shs9,000, compared to Shs3,700 at filling stations.

By yesterday, queues had formed at various fuel stations in Gulu Town, with motorists and riders struggling to have a share of the now scarce commodity.

The shortage has lasted about a week and it is not yet known when it will be sorted.

“Today [Monday] I woke up as early as 4 am with the aim of getting fuel, however, I have missed due to the long queues at different fuel stations,” said Mr Ocan.

Cannot buy fuel

Mr James Ochieng, another victim of the shortage, told the Daily Monitor that he was finding it difficult to purchase fuel even as he readily had the money.

The shortage has subsequently affected the cost of transport as well as the steady flow of food and other commodities from the country side.

For instance, a journey that used to cost Shs1,000, now costs according to Mr Ochieng Shs1,500.

Petrol is selling at Shs3,700 per liter at fuel stations where it is available. When asked to clarify about the shortage, the manager Shell Malindi, only identified as Nickson, declined to comment on the matter, saying he was not authorised to speak to the press.

It is not yet clear why Gulu has been without fuel for a week but details indicate that the shortage had been caused by an un coordinated flow in supplies by one of the largest dealers in the district.

Source: Daily Monitor

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