Former Amisom commander has case to answer – court martial


The General Court Martial has ruled that a former UPDF commander under the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom), Col Hassan Kimbowa, has a case to answer in a suit where he is accused of unprofessional conduct.
“A prima facie case (sufficient evidence) has been made against the accused person,” the chairman of the General Court Martial, Maj Gen Levy Karuhanga, held yesterday.
He set September 23 for hearing of the case.
Col Kimbowa, a former commander of Battle Group XI based at Masilla in Somalia, is charged with seven cases of allegedly giving fuel to Somali nationals contrary to the United Nationals Memorandum of Understanding which restricts giving out of Amisom material to a third party.

Col Kimbowa is accused of conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline in the UPDF over the alleged sale of 5,800 litres of diesel to third parties, contrary to the United Nations and Amisom rules.
According to court records, Col Kimbowa through his lawyer did not deny selling fuel to Somali nationals.
Earlier on, court heard that UPDF soldiers of the Ugandan Contingent of the peace keeping mission sold fuel meant for operations to Somali civilian nationals without authority from the United Nations and Amisom.

Prosecution witnesses told court that the commanding officers authorised the sale of fuel meant to facilitate transport, running the generator and for cooking, which resulted into late meals due to the search for firewood.
However, senior army officers have since denied any wrongdoing.
Col Kimbowa is one of the several senior army officers in custody over charges in connection with Somalia operations.
Others on remand at Makindye Military Prison include former contingent commander, Brig Michael Ondoga, former battle group commander, Lt Col Benson Olanya, former tank maintenance manager, Maj Jamil Seguya and former information officer Lt Col Sam Kirya, among others.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor