We wish to inform the public that a total of 120 personnel of the Flying Squad Unit have been redeployed, after their successful completion of a three months course, in Countering Gang Violence and Sophisticated Crimes at the Police Training School in Kabalye. The Elite Police Tactical Unit is now based at the Directorate of Crime Intelligence, and will continue with their mandate of targeting, disrupting and dismantling, organized and violent crime groups and individuals who pose high risks to public safety and security. All violent suspects arrested will be handed over to CID, for further investigations and prosecution.

The personnel have been assigned to the traditional policing regions and along major routes and highways, to purposely support the territorial teams in solving violent crimes, providing backups, promptly responding to emergency calls, countering armed criminals, car jackings, aggravated robberies, cash-in thefts, smuggling and trafficking among others.

Their deployment is intelligence driven and timely as we head into the festive season. And their primary goal, is to dismantle all criminal gangs, arrest suspects, seize firearms and recover all assets used in promoting gang crime.

The UPF remains committed to pursuing violent gangs and organized crimes. The Directorate of Crime Intelligence, will coordinate the operations of the unit, in a proactive and sustained manner. We ask the public to report all gun and crime related activity to the flying squad on telephone contact 0709023710/0711042384.

Source: Uganda Police Force


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