Final Data for Uganda Census in December (

Final results of the population census carried out in 2014 will be released by December 2015 writes DOREEN NSHABOHURIRA.

Mrs. Imelda Musaana, the Deputy Executive Director of Uganda Bureau of Statistics confirmed this during a recent public symposium.

However deputy Chairman of the National Planning Authority Abel Rwendeire highlighted urbanisation, uneven population distribution, unemployment, surplus labour and constrains of social amenities as leading points that arose from initial findings. Uganda has population of about 34 million people.

Rwendeire spoke on the advantages of high population growth which included expansion of tax base, greater domestic market if the people have the purchasing capacity, increased national savings and increased labour force.

He said, “The National Development Plan has identified five areas of emphasis that will increase economic development of the country.” Rwendeire said.

These areas included agriculture, tourism, infrastructure, oil and gas, mineral and mineral development.

However, John Ssekamate, a senior lecturer of Makerere Universitys said, “We need to respond to the high population growth rate.”

He said the implications include inadequate food production, high dependency ratio, unemployment, and pressure on land and service delivery among others.

John Mushomi Atwebembeire a lecturer at School of Statistics and Applied Economics Makerere University said family planning should be encouraged so that couples get planned children. This will help to reduce the rapid population growth which is alarming.

He advocated for empowerment of women to be economically independent and in all aspects of reproductive health. He said this as a measure to areas that have more female population than males so as to encourage them to be productive.