Fight against terrorism: Ouagadougou reacts to the declaration of an officer of the Nigerien army, considered unfortunate

Ouagadougou judged that the Nigerien general, Mahamadou Tarka dit Abou, who denigrated the Burkinabè strategy in the fight against terrorism, has "a proven need for updating on the evolution of the security context current situation in Burkina Faso and in the Sahel and on the history of the two countries,” AIB learned on Wednesday from diplomatic sources.

Our interlocutors are also convinced that the remarks of this senior officer "cannot have the backing of the Nigerien brothers who, without a doubt, will not recognize themselves either through its content or through the style used".

As a reminder, General Mahamadou Tarka dit Abou, welcoming the excellent cooperation between his country and the chancelleries, predicted on April 24, 2023, a "painful awakening" in Burkina Faso and Mali, which turned away from certain partners in the fight against terrorism.

But for Ouagadougou, it is the choice of an endogenous management of the country's security, through its brave daughters and sons, in the face of the terrorist hydra.

Source: Burkina Information Agency