“Faso Dan Fani conveys the cultural identity of Burkina”, Prime Minister

Faso DanFani conveys the cultural identity of Burkina Faso", declared the Prime Minister of Burkina Faso, Me Appolinaire Kyelem De Tambela, calling on the various actors in the value chain to propose a plan of actions for improving financial accessibility and promoting the Faso Dan Fani loincloth for large-scale use.

"Faso Dan Fani constitutes an important element of the national heritage and conveys the cultural identity of Burkina Faso through the clothing art that commands admiration", indicated the Prime Minister of Burkina Faso, Me Apollinaire Joackimson Kyelem De Tambela.

For Me Kyelem, Faso Dan Fani is symbolic for “our country and can be used as a means of expressing our existence on the international scene”.

The head of government spoke on Friday in Ouagadougou, at the national forum on Faso Dan Fani under the theme: “Problem of the financial accessibility of Faso Dan Fani”.

“The Government's ambition is to achieve local processing of our raw materials, particularly cotton, to bring substantial added value to the national economy,” he revealed.

According to him, this forum initiated by the government is part of the consultations between the various stakeholders involved in the cotton value chain, in order to reflect on the difficulties encountered and to propose measures aimed at lowering prices. of Faso Dan Fani for the benefit of consumers.

"Your proposals will serve as a working basis for a technical committee which will be responsible for continuing the reflection in order to propose a budgeted priority action plan, as well as draft texts for the operationalization of the priority actions", he said. concluded.

For the director general of handicrafts, Boubié Séraphin Badolo, cotton represents 4% of the national GDP.

"It is the second export product after gold and the sector supports 4 million people through the trades of weaving, dyeing, clothing", he argued.

Source: Burkina Information Agency