Fashion – Stay Warm and Stylish!

It is raining a lot in most parts of Uganda and temperatures are low.

That does not mean your sense of style should disappear until it is warm again. The key word in choosing what to wear should be ‘layering’.

Layering is the number-one trick to keeping warm. Two sweaters are better than one. This works well with tissue-thin styles that layer easily without adding bulk so, stay clear of chunky knits. As you select what to layer, whether it is two sweaters or jacket worn over a sweater, pick colours from the same family or complete contrasts like red and navy blue or simply black and white.

If you are hippy and stylish, there is no need to encroach on the older people’s category by going for the thick, hand-sewn cardigan. For you, a hoody will perfectly sort you. The aantage is, you can cover your ears and hair with the hood, sneak a pair of ear phones under and play your baby-making music as you sit through the endless traffic jam.

This is the perfect weather to put on that turtle neck too. It keeps your neck area warm and draws attention to a statement necklace.

Turn the heat up with accessories like a scarf or even a pair of gloves. Some people tend to think they are just a winter affair. But the rate at which temperatures drop in Kampala lately, it can be considered our own version of winter. A silk scarf or a studded pair of midi gloves will keep you warm while giving you that stylish look.

Do not forget to keep your feet warm with ankle or motorcycle boots.

Source : The Observer


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