Fashion – Not Too Late for Mirrored Sunglasses [analysis]

The Aviator mirror sunglasses have been a hot trend this year. If you got a pair a few months back, then you got a good thing going.

Last weekend during the Blankets and Wine event, many were seen rocking the sizzling-hot eye wear. The reflective blue stood out. The partially-reflective coating on the outer surface is a fashionable alternative for UV protection. The mirrored lens mounted on the metallic frames reflects the glare to protect the eyes. The trend is borrowed from the 1937 Aviator sunglasses designed to protect US military against high-altitude glare.

Another beauty with these shades is that they come in different shapes (although the aviator shape is trending) and colours thereby expanding the range of fashion styles with all the colourful options.

See the world through your gold blue, blue and brown lenses, among others, giving yourself options when it comes to picking the rest of your day’s outfits. The challenge with this trend is that it has the highs and lows in terms of price and quality. The original Ray- Bans can cost up to $170. However, there are cheaper options like Sylvia Owori’s where one can get a pair at Shs 100,000.

Like most trends here, you will also find a pair worth Shs 20,000 or less from downtown Kampala. The beauty is that the originals will definitely stand out and so will you.

Source : The Observer

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