Fact checker: Museveni to give Shs2m to malwa group per village

CLAIM: President Museveni has promised to give women who are struggling to make a living through brewing malwa (local crude brew) Shs2m per village in the 112 districts to boost their business. He made the promise while campaigning in Amudat District in Karamoja sub-region last week.

FACT: According to the 2014 census report, there are 112 districts in Uganda with 1,382 sub-counties. If we estimate each sub-county to have a minimum average of 60 villages, it comes to 82,920 villages across the country.

This means the President will require at least Shs1.6 trillion to meet the promise to the malwa groups. And the figure would be incredibly bigger and more untenable if the number of villagers is higher or some villages have more than one malwa group each, as is likely to be the case.


The truth

1.The Shs1.6 trillion for the malwa groups would be equal to the total amount allocated to Defence and Security ministries in the 201516 Budget and half of the budget for the transport sector, the highest funded segment of the budget Shs3.3 trillion.

The President has already promised to inject Shs1 trillion in Naads and Shs2b for each sub-county to benefit the youth. The same amount has been promised for women groups in every district for the same purpose.

2.The well intentioned initiative notwithstanding, it would be next to impossible to deliver that promise unless the President revises government’s priorities to include the malwa groups.

3.A 2013 report by the Parliamentary Committee on Government Assurances revealed that the President had not delivered on 817 pledges he made to Ugandans since coming to power in 1986.



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