Exploit opportunities to increase your visibility

By: Dorothy Tuma

Are you one of those business owners who repeatedly turn down the opportunity to grow sales and be a source of information and inspiration by declining offers of free increased visibility? Some business owners prefer that their businesses keep a low profile and they certainly have good reasons for this.

However, by doing so, they limit the number of people who get to hear about their businesses and thus can be said to limit possible sales and profits. They also deprive future and current business owners of sources of information and inspiration.

Get listed in the directory

Although one typically has to pay for a directory listing, some business associations offer paid-up members the opportunity to be listed in both online and hard copy directories, simply as a membership benefit. Interestingly, however, a large number of business owners turn down the opportunity to list their company name, sector and contact information in a business directory.

When your company is listed, anyone looking through the directory for a company in your sector could at least get to see your company name and as a result, could give you a call.

Alternatively, if someone only knows the name of your business and would like to find out how to reach you, they could look up your company name in the directory and then get in touch. Being listed in the directory helps people find you.

Accept invitations for media interviews

When the media approaches you for your story; that should be interpreted as a clear signal that someone believes you most certainly have a story to tell.

Rather than convincing yourself that your story is not worth telling, embrace the opportunity. By watching, listening to or reading how you came into business, how you run your business or even your future plans for your business, a teenager dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur just might get inspired to pursue that dream to its fulfillment.

Similarly, a struggling entrepreneur might muster the strength to persevere through a challenging phase. In addition to your story being just what someone else needed at a particular point on their entrepreneurial journey, it also lets the general public know that your business exists and could attract new customers.

Agree to give presentations

If you are invited to give a presentation on any aspect of your business, including how you came to be a business owner, embrace the opportunity.

You have been invited to speak because you have something to talk about that is of interest for that audience. Additionally, you are the expert on your own experiences, so that should give you confidence. Your audience will learn from your story and you never know what business opportunities your audience will provide.

The above opportunities all provide a way for you to tell more people about your business. Before declining, consider the potential benefits.

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