Every woman is born a good cook

I believe that the ability to cook good food is not in-born. It is false to say the contrary. We all learn how to cook. Otherwise, catering schools, or cookery books for that matter, would not exist.

Or even TV shows such as Cake Boss and Kitchen Delight would be unnecessary. Cooking is simply not in-born. It is a process and it is limitless. People seek to try out new recipes they watched on television, listened to or read.

My grandmother says it is about experience and that is why our parents are usually better cooks than us. This is because with time they learn how to make the food perfect, for instance, such things as water measurements, etc.

I, however, get perturbed when a chef teaches me something and when I try it out, my food is not similar to theirs. It is not even close to what they cook. May be, it is because they are better trained and have cooked more dishes than someone who has just learned overnight.

Some people though even after being taught, are worse than they were before. Maybe, it is not learned. Some fail to steam matooke and it ends up burnt. Or even when some adds too much salt when frying an egg. Maybe, it is in-born because some women – including this writer – are great cooks.

There are dishes I prepare and yet I was not taught by anyone. I was the only girl amidst four boys and we had to eat. I prepared the food and it was tasty, because nobody refused to eat.

I guess I can say I’m a naturally good cook. Of course, there are certain things that we are trained to do for instance using banana leaves but who trained the people that existed before us when there was no technology at all.

So I guess, it can be in-born too. The women who say they cannot cook are liars because in my view, women are naturally good cooks. We just chose not to do it but in most cases, we can cook.

As for the men who can cook, they are just lucky because usually men cannot cook. They are taught. Though it is surprising and annoying how well they pick up and become better than women. But why? My mother told me that we are not taught how to cook we teach ourselves and with practice, we become better.

I guess that is an art that is in-born within us. That can be perfected but it can never be learned. Maybe that is why we have better cooks than others and even those that have mastered the science some have learned the art while others have failed to master it.

In a nutshell, just as we go to school and learn, some pass while others fail. I guess it is the same for cooking some will learn and be perfect at it while others, because of the love they have for food, they become masters at playing around with various cooking methods.

The opinion will vary but in my view, cooking is a perfected art. We all know how to cook but that depends on the time we dedicate to it and not how many recipes one is taught.

Besides, being perfect comes with experience and that’s why our parents are better chefs than us because they spent more time in the kitchen than we do.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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