Every man likes to look at a gorgeous woman

Have you ever looked at someone and how they were dressed and you made conclusions about what they must do for a living, their age group and the respect or disrespect they may command?
Did you by any chance know that the way you dress says a lot about you? Not only to the public, but also your partner, and in the singles’ case, potential partners.

Every one of you may know a girl or woman who dresses up never minding about what they look like. She does not even take time to look in the mirror to see what her image portrays. One thing these women forget is that their outside image is a mirror of their character. Don’t they say presentation is everything?
One thing I have learnt in my relationships is that men like to be proud of their partners. When a woman is well-dressed, a man will be proud to hold her hand and introduce her as his partner.
It’s also satisfying when he compliments you! I do not know a man who loves to see his woman shabby there is a charm that a lovely, smartly dressed woman intrigues in any man. I learnt all this about three months ago. So this one morning as I dressed up for work, I accidentally caught Allan shaking his head as I checked myself out in the dressing mirror.

Wondering why, I turned to ask him what was happening. But before I could say a word, he hurried to say: “you are not smart”.
My mood was killed. Not that I was not smart, but to him, I was not. “My dear, how will you impress outsiders, when I am not? I should be the first person to be impressed about your looks.” Some statement!

Although I was about to waste more time picking what to wear, I realised that the way I looked actually mattered to my man.
I also learnt that men like to look at nice things, if you don’t leave a lasting impression on him as you part ways in the morning, he will look out for another charming person to admire in the course of his day. Allan aised me to always mind about my style, and pick my clothes wisely, because not every outfit looks good on anyone. That same day, I found myself hitting a boutique for some new, hot clothes. I tried them out for him, and one particular dress stood out for him, in fact he wanted me to wear it the following day.

This whole experience reminded me of the time we met and how he often complimented my dressing. The truth is men have a weakness for the physical. And physical appearance does not only mean clothes, but also shoes, makeup and hair. Don’t go for hair styles or wigs that will not flatter you a bit.
Ladies, don’t you also wish to look at your man ‘killing it’? When you go out to buy yourself a dress or pair of shoes, pick him a shirt or tie. Get his oversized shirts and take them to the tailor, help him brush his shoes. Those little things will earn you credit, and make your man proud of you.

Then you can both be proud to walk into that classy place for coffee with as much confidence, as well as keep heads turning at a party you may attend together. So, whatever you do, go out, impress your man, earn credit on his behalf — look young for him, appreciate yourself and be happier


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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