Don’t undress women, police warn

Kampala- Police have warned the public against undressing women whom they perceive to be indecently dressed saying the Anti-Pornography law is not operational yet.

In a statement issued by the police spokesperson, Ms Judith Nabakooba, yesterday she warned: “If you suspect that the person is indecently dressed, you report to Police but not take the law into your own hands. If you participate in mob justice of undressing people and are caught, you will be dealt with accordingly.”

In several parts of Kampala especially taxi parks, there have been several incidents of skimpily dressed women being undressed ever since the State minister for Ethics and Integrity, the Rev Simon Lokodo, announced that President Museveni had assented to the bill.

The law prescribes various penalties for publishers, broadcasters, internet café operators who promote pornography.

Ms Nabakooba warned that even when the law is operational it will not give the public authority to undress indecently dressed people. She said for the law to be implemented, there are procedures and guidelines that have to be fulfilled first. “There are bodies and committees that have to be put in place before the law becomes effective and they have not been put in place,” she said.

She added: “The law creates a national anti-pornography committee responsible for its implementation by ensuring early detection, collection and destroying of pornographic materials.”

According to Ms Nabakooba, the committee members will be drawn from different stakeholders like the media and entertainment industries, and also create rehabilitation services to victims of pornography.

The Penal Code under section 128 criminalises undressing people as it is tantamount to indecent assaults.

While addressing journalists in Kampala on February 6, Fr Lokodo said, people who dress skimpily may fall prey to the legislation. “If your miniskirt falls within the ambit of this definition then I am afraid you will be caught up by the law,” the minister said.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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