Don't Export Your Dictatorship to Kenya, ODM Tells Museveni (

ODM has cautioned Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni against “exporting his dictatorship” to Kenya.

Party secretary general Ababu Namwamba said Kenya has a constitution which gives authority to the public on all aspects of life.

“We buy Ugandan fish, matoke (bananas) and cereals all the time. We accept the long-horned Nyankole cows. We do take the famed Baganda girls without hesitation. The one thing we certainly will not buy from Uganda is Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s brand of politics,” Ababu said in an SMS to the Star on Monday.

“We as a party did not take lightly Museveni’s attacks on our party leader Raila Odinga. He must know that Kenyans cannot lend an ear to his dictatorial tendencies he has exhibited in his 29-year rule in Uganda.”

“While we celebrate and fully support East African trade, it must not be at the expense of our own people. The interests of Kenyan farmers, workers and industries rank above all others any day,” said Ababu.

He was reacting to claims by Museveni who said those blocking the Kenya-Uganda sugar deal “do not know what they are talking about”.

Museveni made the remarks when he addressed the East African Legislative Assembly in Kampala on Friday.

“I was surprised that my brother Raila Odinga was attacking the sugar deal… I will have to ring him and tell him please don’t waste our time. Ugandan sugar should go to Kenya without hindrance as Kenyan goods coming to Uganda without any hindrance,” said Museveni.

Ababu told off Museveni for purporting to lecture Raila on the sugar deal.


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