CSOs demand stricter accountability in health

Civil society organisations have called for stringent accountability measures in the health sector if Ugandans are to access quality health services.

“Without accountability, putting resources into a system is like pouring water into a pipe with crack. The waste in health sector costing is Shs25.7 billion per year,” Mr Danny Graymore, the head of Department for International Development, said last Friday at the launch of the Accountability Can transform Health (ACT).

The programme seeks to promote social accountability, especially in rural communities. It is being implemented by GOAL Uganda and other partners in more than 16 districts across the country. The organisations also listed corruption, lack of citizens’ involvement in monitoring individual health, absenteeism and poor relations between health providers and their clients as key issues that should be addressed.

“Most shortcomings in the health sector relate to accountability challenges, power dynamics and also power seeking behaviour. Forty per cent of women are not empowered to make decisions about their healthcare,” Mr Graymore said.

The Director of Health Services in the Ministry of Health, Dr Anthony Mbonye, acknowledged the lapses but said understaffing was the most pressing need.

He also urged citizens to be responsible and seek medical treatment early when they fall sick.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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