Crime preventers role not convincing (Daily Monitor (Uganda))

August 28, 2015

The police have made a good attempt at explaining the need for crime preventers. However, keen watchers of events in Uganda well know the dichotomy between principles and practices, between what is said and actually done between the spirit and the letters of the laws, regulations, guidelines and framework that the power that be has been coming up with for decades: be it the Universal Primary and (now) Universal Secondary Education, poverty alleviation strategies by different nomenclature ( entantikwa, bona baggagawale, Operation Wealth Creation), agricultural programme, the Public Management and Order Act, to mention but a few.
Like the English say, the taste of the pudding is in the eating. And like the Holy Book, the Bible says ” they shall be known by their fruits!” May the good Lord bless Uganda as the first line of our National Anthem says “Oh Uganda, May God uphold thee we lay our future in thy hands…”. For only God will help us negotiate the bend that we seem hell bent to navigate at.
Robert Adongakulu,
Gulu Municipality