Creation of Ankole kingdom will bring disunity, says body


Members of Banyankore Cultural Foundation (BCF) have warned against pushing for the Omugabe of Ankole by a section of the population, saying it will be counter productive and create disunity.
Addressing a press conference on Tuesday in Kampala, the BCF chairperson, Mr Kesi Nyakimwe, said it would be dangerous for government to grant the pro-Obugabe their wishes.

Mr Kesi cited Rwenzori and Busoga sub-regions where he said instead of unifying people, the restoration of kingdoms in the areas has created disunity. “As a peace loving organisation, we express heartfelt sympathies for the unfortunate situation that recently developed in the Rwenzori region. We are also greatly concerned about the unending conflicts surrounding the Kyabazingaship in Busoga,” Mr Kesi said.
“In this context, we wish to draw the attention of fellow Banyankore to the implications and possible consequences of attempts of some individuals to restore Obugabe in Ankole,” he added.
More than 100 people were arrested in connection with Bundibujyo, Kasese attacks that left more than 90 people dead in July.
Mr Kesi said like Ankole, Rwenzori has a contested history.

He said before creation of Ankole, there existed five independent kingdoms in the area, adding that any attempts to restore Omugabe will lead Ankole to disintegrate into original five of Nkore, Igara, Buhweju, Buzimba and Mpororo.
However, Mr William Katatumba, head of Nkore Cultural Trust (NCT) the custodian of the kingdom, accused Mr Kesi and his group of being confused agents whose agenda is to fail progress and unity.
“Those people are confused. The kingdom will unite people but that isn’t the opinion of the people of Ankore but simply their opinion as individuals,” Mr Katatumba said.

He warned his counterparts to be careful with their agenda, they are still stuck in the past thinking that Obugabe still faces resistance.
“It is true that there are many old people who oppose Obugabe but now the youth want their kingdom back,” Mr Katatumba said.
Prof Jean Barya, a legal secretary for BCF, said the authority and jurisdiction of the Omugabe remained unacceptable to the majority of the Banyankore throughout the colonial period.
“The desire has been expressed in various memoranda such as the elders memorandum of 1971 to Idi Amin, then the was the Odoki and Ssempebwa Constitutional Commission reports and the December 1993, Rwakitura Ankole local government joint council and opinion leaders meeting,” Prof Barya said.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor