Court summons Kazinda’s mother

KAMPALA. The High court in Kampala on Friday summoned the mother to jailed former principal accountant in the Office of the Prime Minister, Mr Geoffrey Kazinda to appear in court in a matter she filed over the alleged theft of her property.

The trial judge Yasin Nyanzi was prompted to call Mr Kazinda’s mother, Ms Teopista Nafunka to attend court on October 30, after failing to settle their disputes out of court with the attorney general.

“You should inform your client to appear in court because the people she sued do not even know her,” Justice Nyanzi told Ms Nafunka’s lawyer and added, “She should be around to tell court what she exactly wants.”

The case arose after Ms Nafunka filed a case against the Attorney General claiming that her property, including three motor vehicles, her husband’s will and several documents were stolen by Police officers who searched her home following Mr Kazinda’s arrest and prosecution.

In her complaint, Ms Nafunka further claims that keys of her apartments that were being constructed and bags containing unspecified amount of money were also taken.

“The search was done illegally because the police took away items which exceeded the scope of items to be searched and that they have never given any explanation why they are still holding these items,” reads her complaint in part.

She noted that investigations were completed and Mr Kazinda was referred to court but the police have refused to release the said property.

Ms Nanfuka claims she entered a joint venture with another person to construct apartments and complete the existing ones but officers from Kiira Police Station and Kibuli, in pursuit of her son (Kazinda), conducted a warrantless search at her home in Bukoto, a Kampala suburb, and took away the contract she had signed with the other party.

“I have lost business opportunities worth billions of shillings and might lose large sums of money because the will had descriptions and address where this money would be found upon death,” read part of the document.

However, the Attorney General in his defence insists that the seized property cannot be released to Mr Kazinda’s mother because they are still subject to police investigations on suspicions that it was acquired using public funds.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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