Councillors resist use of vernacular


There was drama in Ntungamo District council after councillors began deliberating in their mother tongue. The district chairperson, Mr Dennis Singahache, asked the councillors to deliberate in Runyankore-Rukiga because majority of them cannot sufficiently express themselves in English.

Mr Singahache claimed the minister of Local Government had ordered councils to deliberate in local languages which are generally understood by all councillors.

However, several councillors opposed the move. They argued there would be no difference between them and councillors at village councils.

“What difference is there between us and the people we leave at home working in our plantations if we start using Runyankore in a council meeting? This will give them reason to stand against us during elections. This cannot go on,” said Mr Fedson Turyatemba, the Eastern Division councillor, on Wednesday.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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