Council of the Entente: the Head of State invites lotteries to support integration projects for young people

The President of the Transition, Head of State, Captain Ibrahim TRAORE received in audience, this Friday morning, a delegation of the Directors General (DG) of the lotteries of the Council of the Entente in meeting in the Burkinabè capital.

According to the head of the delegation, Georges Essowé BARCOLA, Director General of the National Lottery of Togo (LONATO), they came to report on the work of the meeting to the Head of State.

“The report focused on three points. First, we explained the new concept of the Tranche Commune Entente draw. From now on, we will leave aside the scratch tickets to focus on Loto or PMU products”, indicated Mr. BARCOLA.

The delegation then presented to the Head of State the community infrastructure that the Burkinabè National Lottery (LONAB) has created with the assistance of the authorities. It is a very modern health center which will contribute to relieve the populations of the community space.

“Finally we reported on the results of our exchanges on the sharing of experiences that we have in the different countries”, specified the head of the delegation.

The delegation also says it has received advice from the Head of State. “He encouraged us to move on to the digitization of our activities, which will allow us to fight against clandestine games and the handling of cash (….). Then, he asked us to contribute to carrying out integration projects in favor of young people”, underlined Georges Essowé BARCOLA.

The Deputy Executive Secretary of the Council of the Entente, Ali IDI, says that he conveyed the institution's encouragement to the President of the Transition "for the efforts he is making to bring peace to Burkina and the Agreement space”. He recalled the credo of the Council of the Entente which is the search for peace, understanding, solidarity and integration.

Mr. IDI said that after this draw in Burkina at the end of the meeting, the Council of the Entente will subsidize 40 projects with LONAB for the benefit of young people and women.

Source: Burkina Information Agency