Cord answers Yoweri Museveni on sugar deal wrangle (Daily Nation (Kenya))

ODM secretary-general Ababu Namwamba on Saturday said President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda should stop exporting his dictatorship to Kenya.

The Budalang’i MP asked the Ugandan leader not to even think about silencing Kenyans on the controversial sugar import deal the way he rules Uganda. He said this in response to Mr Museveni’s criticism of Mr Raila Odinga on Friday.

Kenyans are advanced and cannot be ruled by the iron fist characteristic of his leadership in Uganda. I ask President Uhuru Kenyatta to discuss how to return the disputed Migingo Island to Kenya instead of discussing sugar matters that hurt our farmers, Mr Namwamba said yesterday at the Migori Posta grounds.

The ODM secretary-general said Uganda does not have surplus sugar to export to Kenya.

Uganda will only be used as a ‘transit godown’ for cheap sugar imported by barons from Brazil, he said.

He said the local millers had tonnes of unsold sugar in their stores due to a glut of cheap sweetener in the market.

We will not allow any sugar from Uganda and we mean it. We are not going to joke on this matter that affects the welfare of our growers, said Mr Namwamba.


On Friday, President Museveni told off Cord leader Raila Odinga for opposing the sugar deal. He said Mr Odinga was wasting his time.

Mr Museveni said that the people blocking the deal do not know what they are talking about.

While addressing the East African Legislative Assembly in Kampala, Mr Museveni said he was very happy with President Kenyatta for telling his directors to become directors not misdirectors.

I was surprised that my younger brother Raila Odinga was attacking the sugar deal. I will have to ring him and tell him please don’t waste our time. Ugandan sugar should go to Kenya without hindrance just like Kenyan goods come to Uganda without any hindrance, he said.

President Museveni urged East African Community member states to buy Ugandan sugar, saying it was the only way to help it forget its past.

The community needs to buy Uganda sugar otherwise the industry will die and it will be a problem. Uganda has risen from the dead, now it’s producing sugar, milk, beef, maize and other products, he said.

Mr Odinga has opposed the sugar deal, claiming that it could lead to the collapse of the already ailing Kenyan industry. He accused President Kenyatta of being led by personal interests in the deal.

On Saturday, Mr Namwamba said Kenyans can now start appreciating the consequences of electing the Jubilee administration into power.

He told party members to get prepared for grassroots elections soon.

Leaders fond of using violence as a tool to get to the office are going to be disqualified, warned Mr Namwamba.

The official visited Migori and urged the residents to register for national identity card and voters cards. He said these were the weapons to be used to choose responsible and accountable leaders.

Mr Namwamba said ODM leaders were under instructions from Orange House (party headquarters) to make sure eligible voters get IDs and voters’ cards.

The Budalang’i MP said foreigners married in Kenya should also be allowed to be enlisted to get the vital cards.

The official said Cord strongholds suffered in the last polls because many youths lacked IDs and voters’ cards.

Raila Odinga will not become president if we do not have IDs, he said. Mr Namwamba was accompanied by a Migori gubernatorial aspirant, Mr George Oywer.


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