Confusion as FDC endorses two for same MP seat


There was tension on the first day of parliamentary nominations in Kitgum District as two contestants showed up with official letters from FDC party secretariat endorsing them for Chua West seat.

Confusion ensued when Dr Kizito Omona and Okin Ojara presented their official endorsement letters to the Electoral Commission.

Dr Omona was nominated on FDC ticket on Wednesday, the first day of the nominations, but hours later, Mr Ojara also showed up for nomination with a similar letter endorsing him to contest on the party’s flag bearer.

The Kitgum District Electoral Commission registrar, Ms Joan Aduru, said they could not nominate two candidates from one party for the same seat.

She added that both candidates had letters signed on November 25 by the FDC secretariat and cancelling one would attract legal action.

“We gave them time to sort out their differences as a party and come up with a way forward on the two candidates,” Ms Aduru said.

In a letter dated December 2, from FDC electoral commission chairman, Mr Dan Bakaaki Mugarura, to the EC, he clarified that Mr Ojara had gone through the internal party selection process and was the party’s official candidate.

Mr Mugarura added that Dr Omona was irregularly nominated as party candidate to contest for the seat without the party authorisation.

He asked EC to rectify the problem by removing Dr Omona and nominate Mr Ojara as the official FDC flag bearer but it was too late. Mr Ojara decided to contest as an Independent and was nominated on Thursday.

Mr Alfred Amoi, the district FDC chairperson, regretted the incident.

While campaigning at Kitgum Public Ground on Wednesday, FDC presidential flag bearer Kizza Besigye named Mr Ojara as the official party flag bearer for Chua West County seat.