Conduct staff appraisals professionally

Soccer is a sport that brings results more easily. A fan can quickly spot a player’s mistake during a match and or, cheer an excellent performer. It is one game where a player’s performance and that of the coach can be assessed quickly.

In workplaces with hundreds of workers, getting noticed can be tricky. This requires a systematic approach to finding the star performers. As such, different organisations develop various ways of assessing staff performance.

As 2015 winds up, it is time to assess performance. Staff appraisals are beneficial to both the employee and employer.

Staff appraisals help to guide an employer in making critical decisions such as promotions, retentions, separations, and budgeting. It guides an employer to plan better for a new year. On the other hand, an employee will be in a pposition to know his or her performance and the likely rewards.

But to yield the best results, a clear appraisal system should be set up and communicated to staff and appraisals should be conducted in a fair manner free from personal prejudices. An appraiser should create conducive environment where the subordinate will feel more comfortable. Tensions are usually high during the staff performance assessment, which can affect the quality of the discussion and results. Starting with pleasantries can do the magic.

Let the discussion be guided by set objectives. As you sit down to discuss performance with your subordinate, be reminded of the objectives that you both set and agreed to achieve at the end of the year. Discuss issues and not personnel sentiments.

Outline achievements. A subordinate can spice up the discussion and save time by outlining the key deliverables that he or she made in the year. Challenges faced, especially specifics with a direct effect on staff performance, can as well be mentioned.

The writer is a human resources expert and a journalist.



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