Clergy seek military training for King Oyo

Kabarole- Religious leaders in Tooro Kingdom have asked President Museveni to sponsor King Oyo Nyimba for further studies, including military training to enable him administer the kingdom well.

This is part of recommendations contained in the probe report on Tooro Kingdom issued to the President and the people of Tooro on Wednesday at the Rwenzori Diocese (CoU) headquarters.

It was authored by bishops Reuben Kisembo (Rwenzori Diocese), Dr Robert Muhiirwa (Fort Portal Catholic Diocese), Jimmy Katuramu (United Pentecostal churches in Uganda), James Mugenyi (provincial overseer national fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches), Sheikh Habiibu Mande and Msgr Fr Peter Kumaraki.

The probe team was instituted in July by President Museveni during the meeting that was convened to reconcile King Oyo and Prince David Kiijanangoma factions at the State Lodge in Njara, Fort Portal. Mr Museveni aised that a tribunal composed of various leaders known to be neutral in the conflict look into the issues dividing the kingdom.

“We recommend that the President sponsors King Oyo for courses such as, human resource management, public administration, leadership skills and military training,” the report reads in part.

The religious leaders also aised Prince Kiijanangoma to renounce his “rebellion” and instead form an NGO that would help people of Tooro to unite, and also stop arrangements for his coronation.